June 23, 2008

yes, i am angry

she said to write down anything... then there you go

today is the 5th day that i couldn't go to work,since last monday!!!
having severe pain in my lower abdominal, after visiting my family doctor on Tuesday, going to walk in clinic on Thursday, and finally went to hospital yesterday and doing lots of tests, i got worse and worse and still they don't know what 's wrong with me and all these pain?!
you know what?!, fuck. fuck them all medical system in here.

this is me, since last Monday, staying in bed or running to washroom that's all i did...
what else ?! NOTHING !!
i guess if i stop saying anymore, at least you don't have to listen to all bullshit-angry feelings that i have right now...

June 12, 2008

Happy my Birthday

Well, today is my Birthday, i'm at work therefore have no access to farsi font,also do not have that much privacy to even check all my nice emails which my good friends has sent to me... but i have a good feeling and try to keep it,...

Anyway, since this morning the best thing that happened to me, was a text massage which woke me up ! made me surprise and supper happy :)
Thank you and you should know; you mean a lot to me...

love you all


June 02, 2008

از دیروز 100 دفعه دستامو نگاه کردم ... !!!!؟

این چند روزه گیر دادم به آهنگ "پل"گوگوش ، پشت سرهم گوشش می کنم ...

باید به یه دوست نازنینی ایمیل میزدم ؛از بس وسواس به خرج دادم که چی بنویسم ،هنوزهیچی ننوشتم!؟

یه خبر غیر منتظره (فکر کنم خوب) شنیدم ، هنوز باور نمی کنم ...


کلی حرف داشتم ، اما نمیدونم چرا پای کامپیوتر که نشستم همش پرید؟!؟!؟!؟!؟

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